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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: Child pool not usable for logging
Date Sun, 06 May 2007 19:14:39 GMT

On May 5, 2007, at 11:42 AM, Joachim Zobel wrote:

>         ap_log_perror(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_DEBUG, 0, p_cur,
>                 "xml2_free will free %x.", mem);

Stupid question: is your LogLevel set to debug?

In any case, the stderr fd gets switched to the error log file, so  
any printf() and related to stderr will land there, too.

OH. Here's your problem: see the server/log.c:444 (in trunk): if  
there is no server context, nothing gets logged for any LogLevel  
below notice.  Not sure about the rationale, except perhaps we didn't  
want to clutter up the terminal too much when the server starts.

If you must log in pool context (no server_rec to use for  
ap_log_error), just bump the level to AP_NOTICE if you want to see it.

Yes, PITA.


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