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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Looking for info wrt requests and no newline
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 23:20:41 GMT
Anique van der Vlugt wrote:
> I should have had my morning coffee before submitting this *wink*
> David Wortham wrote:
>> Anique,
>>   I'm a little confused by your question.
>>   AFAIK, HTTP headers end in a newline which seperates them from the next
>> line of the header. You don't _have_ to respond to the full URI in the
>> GET/POST/etc header line.  Your module can modify the incoming request or
>> your module can do something like what mod_rewrite does and match only
>> part
>> of the request URI (by using a partial-line Regular Expression). Or
>> did you
>> mean something completely different when you asked "Is there anyway of
>> accepting requests which end in anything other than a newline"?
>> I don't think it's pertinant to answering your question, but I also don't
>> understand what you mean when you say your module "accept[s] requests
>> from a
>> 3rd party".  Don't all Apache requests respond to the same third party
>> that
>> initiated the request?
> We are integrating a credit card POS machine (which is what I meant by
> 3rd party) with an Apache server that does the request handling so we
> are trying to write an Apache module that handles requests from the POS
> device.  The device sends a string terminating with a checksum and NOT a
> newline character.  So, we are not using any headers etc just a request
> string, if that makes sense?

It does (to me, I've done similar long before there was a public-internet).

The trouble is, that is NOT HTTP protocol.  You will need to write your
very own protocol module.  c.f. mod_echo, mod_http, mod_ftp.


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