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From Anique van der Vlugt <>
Subject Re: Looking for info wrt requests and no newline
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 09:38:20 GMT
I should have had my morning coffee before submitting this *wink*

David Wortham wrote:
> Anique,
>   I'm a little confused by your question.
>   AFAIK, HTTP headers end in a newline which seperates them from the next
> line of the header. You don't _have_ to respond to the full URI in the
> GET/POST/etc header line.  Your module can modify the incoming request or
> your module can do something like what mod_rewrite does and match only part
> of the request URI (by using a partial-line Regular Expression). Or did you
> mean something completely different when you asked "Is there anyway of
> accepting requests which end in anything other than a newline"?
> I don't think it's pertinant to answering your question, but I also don't
> understand what you mean when you say your module "accept[s] requests 
> from a
> 3rd party".  Don't all Apache requests respond to the same third party that
> initiated the request?
We are integrating a credit card POS machine (which is what I meant by 
3rd party) with an Apache server that does the request handling so we 
are trying to write an Apache module that handles requests from the POS 
device.  The device sends a string terminating with a checksum and NOT a 
newline character.  So, we are not using any headers etc just a request 
string, if that makes sense?

> Dave
> On 5/22/07, Anique van der Vlugt <> wrote:
>> I have built an 3rd party apache module to accept requests from a 3rd
>> party which seems to be working fine.  Is there anyway of accepting
>> requests which end in anything other than a newline?
>> I have been searching through other 3rd party modules and haven't found
>> anything similar - I maybe have overlooked something.  Any pointers in
>> the right direction would be appreciated.
>> *Anique*

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