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From "Souramita Sen" <>
Subject Basic query regarding client-server communication with browser setting HTTP 1.0/1.1
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 11:17:30 GMT


This is common across all web servers I suppose. 
When a user types an URL in the browser(suppose the
server gets request for various MIME types(e.g text/html, text/image etc). 

In HTTP 1.0 each request will initiate separate TCP/IP connection and in HTTP
1.1 persistent connection will let the browser send multiple requets in one
TCP/IP connection itself, and it provides Pipelining too.
HTTP 1.1 also provides Transfer-encoding=CHUNKED that allows server to send
huge text/html files as series of chunks.
Till this point, I have understood. 

Now I would like to know how the server sends huge html files when browser
supports only HTTP 1.0?
Because there is no concept of CHUNKED transfer-encoding here, how the server
handles the response consisting of huge files? If this is not the right place
for this question to be discussed, please give me a useful URL. Actually I am
not getting clear from net, not from RFC too.

Thanks in advance.

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