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From "Sam Carleton" <>
Subject Re: "one module per task"
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 16:52:30 GMT
On 4/9/07, Joe Lewis <> wrote:
> Sam Carleton wrote:
> > When Apache sees
> >
> > <Location /coolapp>
> >   SetHandler mod_my_cool_app
> > <Location>
> >
> > How does it know that mod_my_cool_app is associated with
> >  Is it purely from the LoadModule or is there
> > something in the module that I am missing?
> It doesn't.  Simply has a function which checks the
> handler, and either completes the request or returns 'DECLINED" so that
> another module can handle the request.


Oh, that explains the first line of my hander looking something like this:

if (strcmp(r->handler, "mod_my_cool_app"))  return DECLINED;

I get it now!  This also explains why one is able to place the hander
at the very first, first, middle, end or very end of the chain.
Slowly, oh so slowly, it begins to come clearer (mind you when it
starts off looking like mudd, clearer doesn't mean too much<grin>).



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