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From "Graham Dumpleton" <>
Subject Re: Certain access results should call a new handler
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 23:17:12 GMT
On 27/04/07, David Wortham <> wrote:
> I ran into a weird issue:
>    My module is primarily access-based, but I do have a some other types of
> hooks (a few content handlers and an output filter).
> My access_checker hook function seems to work fine except when, in one
> particular case, I need to respond to a specific access-condition with a
> content handler.
> That is to say, the possible values for access are {A, B, C, and D}.  If the
> access for a particular request is "C", I need to call a content handler
> function that should only run when access is "C" (and in no other case).
> My assumption was that if I returned OK from the access_checker function
> (which was registered with "ap_hook_access_checker(access_checker, ...)"),
> that the request would be finished, wrapped up and Apache would not pass it
> along the hook/handler chain.  This, apparently, is not the case (as far as
> I can tell in my recent tests).

Return DONE instead of OK if your access handler has formatted a
complete response for the request.

> My content-handler just injects strings directly to the response then should
> direct Apache to finish up the request (like returning OK from within a
> content-handler function).
> My ideal situation would be to register a content-handler function only when
> access-condition "C" occurs and have that content-handler serve all of the
> content.
> I am currently looking at this page to see what options are possible:
> My questions are:
> - is there a way to register a handler hook from within my access_checker
> function?

If you are talking about hooking a response handler, simply set
request_rec->handler to some value and then have your later response
handler you already hooked check for that value and behave differently
as a result.

> - is it possible to pass meta-data around in the request_rec?  (Is this
> considered bad module-programming?)

What do you mean by meta-data? One can store strings in
request_rec->notes which can then be used by later phases.
Alternatively you can store an object against
request_rec->request_config and again use it in a later phase.

> - is my only viable option to run access checks both during the
> access_checker phase and during the content-handler phase (and hope that my
> "Access C" content handler is the first one called)?

Huh. Lost me a bit on that one but I don't think you need to run it
twice as there are means of carrying state forward as described above.


> Any other suggestions for how to deal with this situation or for example
> code that deals with this?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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> David Wortham
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