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From "Graham Dumpleton" <>
Subject Re: Temporary files directory
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 06:40:36 GMT
On 10/04/07, David Wortham <> wrote:
> Graham,
> I looked into mod_cgid very briefly.  It appears to be UNIX-specific (or am
> I wrong?)

Correct, is UNIX only.

I was only giving mod_cgid as an example of something that put stuff
there besides log files.

> Nothing against the *NIX crowd (I'm developing on Linux-only), but I am
> trying to stay platform-independent, preferrably by using APR-only calls.

Or AP calls. In fact most of the logging stuff are AP calls rather
than APR calls. You don't though have to restrict yourself to these
those as any POSIX API functions would generally be okay to use as

But then, this doesn't help you to work out where to put stuff. Thus
can only echo what has been said before and you more of less worked
out.  That is assume that ap_server_root_relative(p, "logs/") is okay
but allow a configuration directive to override it with override being
either absolute path or path relative to Apache root. This is exactly
what mod_cgid does with ScriptSock directive and in part why I gave it
as an example.

There isn't much more you can do than this. At some point you have to
accept that system admins may need to override the location to conform
to how they have their systems setup and assume that they will set the
permissions correctly. If they don't then just log ALERTs in the
Apache error logs complaining about it.


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