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From Russ Allbery <>
Subject Re: module documentation tools
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 00:24:45 GMT
David Wortham <> writes:

> Hello again developers,

>   Can anyone reccomend any good module documentation tools?

>   I'm looking for somthing that generates an HTML file very similar to the
> official Apache module docs (see

You could just use the Apache tools.  From the WebAuth documentation:

Building Module Documentation

  The files doc/mod_*.xml have the module documentation for the Apache
  modules that come with WebAuth, in the XML format that is used for the
  Apache reference manual.  Pre-built copies of the HTML files suitable
  for dropping into a built Apache 2.x manual directory are also provided
  for convenience.

  Whenever the module documentation is changed in the XML files, the HTML
  files need to be rebuilt.  Basic instructions for doing so are at:


  The basic steps are as follows:

      svn co \
      cd apache-docs/manual
      svn co build
      cd build
      JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/j2re1.4-sun  # (whatever your java home is)
      export JAVA_HOME
      cp /path/to/webauth3/doc/mod_*.xml* ../mod/

  Following that procedure (assuming Java doesn't "run out of memory",
  which occasionally happens to me) should generate:


  which can then be copied into the WebAuth tree.

  Once this infrastructure is set up, regenerating the documentation is
  only a matter of copying in new *.xml files and ./ will
  incrementally rebuild only those files.

Russ Allbery (             <>

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