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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: Examining per_dir_config for a module
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 17:18:56 GMT
David Wortham wrote:
> SRP,
>    If I am correct, that will work if you only need to look at only
> server/vhost cfg structures (won't work for directory, location, 
> files, or
> .htaccess directives).

I believe that is correct.  When I created a logging module to check 
which hooks were being called and when, I found that per-directory 
configurations are created at request-time, not at initialization time, 
and are subsequently removed.  AFAIK, the pools are trashed as soon as 
the request is complete, meaning a global overview of what directives 
are used in per-directory is just not unavailable.

If it is absolutely required, then per-directory functions that set 
values from directives can be implemented that duplicate the 
per-directory configuration on the global module config.  However, that 
can get very ugly very quickly.  It might be easier to just have the 
same function insert/update the directive and the corresponding 
directory that it was found in into a database, and then search that if 
necessary.  Again, it requires a custom function to set the field from 
the directives (command_rec* table sets this function in per-directory 
configs via ap_set_*_slot functions).

Joseph Lewis <>
"Divide the fire, and you will sooner put it out." - Publius Syrus

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