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From "Azazel" <>
Subject Re: Apache Logs Directory
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 17:01:00 GMT
J. Daniel Rotenberg said:
> In this situation I would use something like
> ap_server_root_relative() and prepend the 'logs' part to whatever your
> cache file name is. I'm not positive that this guarantees that you get
> an existing directory, though.
> Your safest bet is to retain your directive but make it optional. Set
> a default location with the above when you create your config, and
> then if the user sets a different directory in which to store the
> files, you just reset it to that. If you test the directory before you
> continue, you should be ok.

The default run-time directory is defined by DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR.

mod_cgid, for example, sets the default file-name for its socket using
this, but allows it to be overridden in the config file using
ap_server_root_relative.  See the set_script_socket function in


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