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From Joachim Zobel <>
Subject Announcing mod_xml2 and mod_i18n
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 20:24:41 GMT

Finally my current project reaches early beta. It consits of two
modules, mod_xml2 and mod_i18n.

mod_xml2 is a filter generating SAX buckets which replaces mod_expat. It
uses libxml2, which offers much more funtionality than expat. This
functionality is used to implement mod_i18n.

mod_i18n implements the zope i18 namespace
(, see for an
explanation). It does gettext based translation as an apache output
filter. This means you can have a _uniform_ translation layer for all
html your apache sends out. 

To get this you need to add i18n:translate attributes to all html tags
whose content shall be translated. You then need a tool like i18n-fool
to extract the text you want to translate. The actual translation can be
done with gtranslator or a similar PO editor. 

mod_i18n works saxian/streaming until a translate attributed tag is
encountered. It then starts building a tiny tree for the subdocument,
which is manipulated with libxml2 tree functions and then translated
back into sax buckets.

This should scratch a big itch for many people. The average european
online shop, which is written in PHP with a few Perl scripts and several
static pages, needs to be translated to 5+ languages. This can only be
done when content and layout are seperated. 

The modules can be found here:

They will get further testing and get those little details (such as
better documentation and examples) to make them usable during the next


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