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Subject Filter recieves only EOF buckets
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2007 22:02:24 GMT
Hello all,
I'm working for quite some time already on a module, but only in the last week I had to turn
to using an output filter.
The filter framework is set up and working, and add_output_filter is called in my translate_name
hook, when I get to know this request will need the filter.
All works fine, the filter init function is called and sets the ctx up. The filter function
itself is also called, and gets all the data I set up in ctx. It also gets a proper bucket_brigade.

But that bucket brigade always only has one EOS bucket in it and then comes the sentinel.
I get my content from a normal file, no special generator. I tried RESOURCE and CONTENT_SET
types, the result is always the same.

The filter chain in the request is the following:
my filter

Strange thing is, although nothings seems to come through my filter, the file is served perfectly
fine, as long as I just pass along the brigade. If I don't, nothing is served. Yet still,
there is nothing in the brigade I can work with.

So I have the feeling I missed something essential completely.

Thank You and Regards

Jan Schukat

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