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From Giuliano Gavazzi <>
Subject Re: Looking for TFM on OS X module building
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 23:13:49 GMT

On 29 Apr 2007, at 09:17, Giuliano Gavazzi wrote:
> I don't remember how I got to this, perhaps modifying some other  
> one, but attached you find a Makefile I use for my module  
> mod_authnz_sasl (yes, I know, it's probably not thread-safe...).
> I have not yet tested it on intel, and it will presumably not  
> create a universal binary, but the latter is usually not important.

except that the list munges attachments...

So, although you might find similar and perhaps more correct  
Makefiles elsewhere, here is one that works for me (don't remember  
where I got it from), substute authnz_sasl for your module name:

MOD_NAME = authnz_sasl
# try this, if you're not root and apxs is in the standard place

# Apache 2.0 uses GNU libtool, hence the libtool suffix

all: $(TARGETS)

# general rule to build %.c
	$(APXS) -c $< $(LIBS)

install: $(TARGETS)
	$(APXS) -i -A mod_$(MOD_NAME).la

	-rm -f $(TARGETS) *~ $(SOURCES:.c=.slo) $(SOURCES:.c=.lo) $ 
( $(SOURCES:.c=.o)

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