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From Farokh Irani <>
Subject Re: Just starting module development
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 14:17:14 GMT
>Farokh Irani wrote:
>>I'm trying to convert a plug-in that ran under WebSTAR as well as 
>>under Microsoft IIS to an Apache 2 module and I was wondering if 
>>anyone had any pointer or sample code that I should look at to make 
>>life easier. The WebSTAR code handles multiple threads (I haven't 
>>looked at the IIS code) so I figured it would be the best place to 
>>start. So, any pointers to sites or code would be appreciated.
>Consider the book :
>It's written by one of the nerds on this list (sorry Nick - no 
>offense intended - I fall into the same category). Also, Nick's 
>website : . I had a tutorial that I was 
>writing on how to do that. Perhaps if we knew a bit more we could be 
>more specific as to which tutorials would be best for you (e.g. if 
>you are writing a simple content filter, or a content generator, or 

It's a plugin that needs to scan the content of the page that was 
requested and the make appropriate substitutions before the content 
is sent to the browser. The code is all there and working for 
WebSTAR, using a multiple thread model, and I was hoping to find some 
sample Apache 2.0 code that would allow me to port it over easily. I 
know that's probably pie-in-the-sky, but I figured it wouldn't hurt 
to ask :).

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