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From "Sam Carleton" <>
Subject Re: how to get started?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 15:39:17 GMT
On 3/27/07, Ralf Mattes <> wrote:

> > Oh, I have lots of *NIX machines to pick from, I have a OpenBSD
> > machine (my firewall), Solaris 8, and a SuSE Linux, no need for
> > VMWare.
> Good. Still - the virtual testserver thing really grew on me: I have a
> clearly defined build/test environment (ever been bitten by a missing
> library that was never detected because it happend to be installed on
> you test system?).

Too true, too true.  I use Microsoft Virtual PC to test installs in
Windows.  I would like to get VMWare, but I don't have the $$$ for it
right now.  My main point is that I can, general speaking, test to
make sure my code will run and work in the *NIX world, fore I have a
lot of it around me.  Before I ever where to ship a *NIX version, I
will have VMWare and will use it for the final testing.

In my first job I wrote and tested the installs, prior to virtual PCs.
 The *ONLY* safe way to really test a install was to wipe the hard
drive and reinstall the OS.  Microsoft has some tools to speed the
process up, to a degree, but what a pain and a HUGE time sink.  Today
I have my virgin config in a virtual PC and simply don't apply
changes, got to love it!!!!!!

> > 2: I know the tools in Windows to do C/C++ development, been using
> > them for over a decade now.  I have never developed in *NIX, so there
> > is most definitely a learning curve.
> Definitely. I'd dread to heve to learn Windows API and frameworks.

I am going to have to learn it before this is all done, because it
*IS* going cross platform, it will be interesting (if I am still doing
development at that point in time<grin>).

> You mean 'automake the BEAST' ? :-)
> Gosh, _that's_ a real monster. I'd start with the automake book:
>  GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool, by Tromey et al.
> But beware: <utomake is a moving target and has changed since the book
> was written ...
> Unless you need some fancy system dependent functionality and you stick
> to libapr for portability you might just copy/morify the automake setup
> of an existing module.

Good to know, thanks!


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