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From "Sam Carleton" <>
Subject Re: apache module or CGI
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:31:30 GMT
On 3/26/07, Issac Goldstand <> wrote:
> I'd say then that you need to do in on-the-fly with caching.  Caching
> should be pretty easy - just have a static algorithm for determining the
> name of the cached image and stat it to see if it already exists.  If so
> serve it; if not, reduce the image, save it and then serve.  You don't
> need a separate process if we're dealing with foreground processing.


So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that CGI (I am really
leaning towards FastCGI if it isn't hard to setup) will work fine, one
request, one process, no problems.  And you are saying that the use of
a proxy server is over kill?  Joe's idea of sending a 404 when the
smaller image does not exist is interesting,  is that basically what
you are suggesting?


Hum,  is that not a common
extention for perl? <grin>  I ain't doing perl, there ain't no way you
can make me :P (this *IS* ment to be funny, by the way)  Oh, and I do
find your idea interesting.


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