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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: Best way to debug
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:55:46 GMT
Just add -X to the command arguments in the project settings, and it'll
keep everything in one process.

Sam Carleton wrote:
> yea, I tried installing mod_perl and I still got the same problem.  I
> finally simply tried nmake install and it worked, despite the perl
> error;)  So I was up to 1am working on my new apache module!
> I recall beating my head agaisnt the wall last time I tried writing an
> apache module, but that was back in the 1.x days, on *NIX, not my
> native platform, and without a debugger.  Today on Windows with a
> debugger, things are running very smoothly!
> I do have a debugging question:  As we all know, when you fire up
> httpd, it starts at least one more instance.  If I am not mistaken, on
> Windows it is only one more.  When I try to debug in VS6, it attaches
> to the first instance of httpd, not the one that I actually want to
> debug.  VS6 lacks the ability to debug multiple programs at one time,
> so...  I am using VS2005.  This is what I am doing...
> 1: Compiling on VS6
> 2: Go to a command window and starting httpd
> 3: Go to an instances of VS2005 and attaching to both instance of httpd
> [debug]
> 4: When down debugging, I deattach VS2005 from the httpd
> 5: Go to the command line and press <Ctrl>+<C>
> Is there any why to have httpd start up such that it does not start a
> second process so that I can simply debug with VS6, skipping steps 2
> through 4?  If no, so be it, it would simply be nice;)
> Sam
> On 3/28/07, Issac Goldstand <> wrote:
>> Ick.  The Perl glue likes to take over like that on windows.  Try
>> running win32\ (directly) and passing --disable-perl-glue.
>> (Or make life easier on yourself by building and installing mod_perl
>> first - you don't need to use it afterward)

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