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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: how to get started?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 02:14:51 GMT
1. If your module will ONLY ever be a handler that runs on windows,
   ISAPI (mod_isapi) might be a better choice.  Certainly better than
   fastcgi for windows-specific apps.  (FastCGI is fast because of fork()
   which windows doesn't support).

2. If you want a windows module, and want to build with apxs, you can.
   (we are revisiting this behind the scenes right now to make the simplest
   possible subset a default part of the windows build.)

3. You can always build from a project as well.  Simple examples can be
   found in the httpd sources, such as mod_example.dsp.  Building out-of
   the httpd tree, you'll have to point your project at the includes for
   httpd and apr (cpp /I flags) and libhttpd.lib (to bind to libhttpd.dll),
   plus for apache 2.0 - to libapr.lib and libaprutil.dll, or for apache 2.2
   point to libapr-1.lib and libaprutil-1.lib.

   (In Apache 2.2 we adopted the newest APR libraries.  The old ones are
   numbered 0.9.x but there's no -0 suffix to their .lib names.  They are
   NOT compatible.)

Manifests suck (VS2005 sucks for a number of reasons, but manifests are
chief amongst the reasons.)  You will have to bind your VC2005's .dll
(call it an .so, call it a .dll, it really doesn't matter) to the emitted
.manifest file or it won't have a C Runtime.

Honest, VC6 will give you the fewest headaches.


Sam Carleton wrote:
> Ok folks,
> I am developing on Windows.  I have VC6, VS2005, and Cygwin installed.
> I would prefer ot use VS2005, but VC6 will work, Cygwin is a last
> resort, VERY last resort.  I first thought I would try Ralf's advice
> of running  apxs -g -n fancy_image_handler, but I cannot find  apxs on
> my Windows machine.  I then figured, ok well, I will scrap the whole
> apache module and just do a FastCGI, but I like the idea of using the
> APR, but darn it to heck, I cannot find ANY documentation on it.  I
> have blown my whole evening mucking around with this and getting NO
> where, can anyone help me out?

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