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From "Edward L. Abrams" <>
Subject Threads and per-child initialization
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2007 19:42:08 GMT
I apologize in advance for the somewhat newbie question.  I was 
surprised I couldn't find the answer in any of the accessible documentation.

Regarding event or worker MPM:  When using:


to register a function, does that call the registered function once per 
worker *process* start, or once per worker *thread* start?  If the 
latter (as I believe it is), what is the apache-blessed way of 
initializing some per-process environment when the *process* starts, so 
that the threads can share it?  The meat of the question is that using 
ImageMagick in apache, MagickWandGenesis(), the call that sets up the 
ImageMagick environment, should be called once per process, not once per 
thread.  The environment it creates is, within limits, thread-safe.

Thank you in advance,


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