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From Erica Zhang <>
Subject Re: Questions on modules to provide cache functions for Apache
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 23:09:23 GMT

Well, I set CacheIgnoreCacheControl On  not in a directory but just <if 
modules>, it still could not work. When I want to set it to be the 
directory of htdocs, httpd.conf could not pass the parser.



David Wortham wrote:

> Erica,
> I would follow Joachim's recommendation to:
> You may want to use Firefox with the LiveHttpHeaders Plugin to look at
> the headers, that are actually exchanged (or are you already doing
> that).
> My coworker informs me that PHP automatically updates the "last updated"
> header line (to the current time).  IIRC, you need to set the headers 
> first
> thing in your PHP script otherwise PHP will set headers first.  If PHP 
> sends
> the header line first, you may be sending two conflicting lines (and
> mod_cache will likely only read/process one of them).  If anything is 
> echoed
> before a header statement, you will probably not see that particular 
> header
> line in the output.  LiveHTTPHeaders will allow you to verify the
> "Last-Updated" header line (and any other necessary header lines).
> Also, how do you know that the response XML is not being served by
> mod_cache?  Are you looking at logfiles, header data, or something else?
> This is important in us being able to help you resolve this issue.
> One sure-fire way to know if it is a configuration/directory issue is 
> to set
> the following directive:
> CacheIgnoreCacheControl On
> This directive should absolutely force every file in that
> Directory/File/Location tag in your httpd.conf to force caching (no 
> matter
> what the headers read).  If you can't get that to work, I would look into
> your mod_cache config.  Also, don't forget to restart your httpd process
> after any changes to httpd (probably not necessary for changes to 
> .htaccess
> files).
> Regards,
> Dave
> On 3/6/07, Erica Zhang <> wrote:
>> Well, even I use the blinding-cache. It still could not work. Thanks,

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