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From bronto <>
Subject Re: how to say to apache, to not send headers
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 20:45:40 GMT
Hi Joachim,

thanks a lot for your effort. A day after my e-mail I've grep-ed out 
buckets and brigades from sources...I've managed, that it's pretty much 
versatile, as i originally thought ( "just a damned buffers"). I like 
that idea pretty much (actually, in this project (where this module is 
just a small part in), we already have a java library that behaves 
pretty much the same way like apache's brigades) now, but the bad thing 
is that it's unusable for us to use brigades, since send-file usage in 
apache is done how it's done.

Anyway, now I just run close(socket) and shutdown(socket), and that's 
it. However Apache is complaining about bat file-descriptors, 
far as it works ;)

Thank you one more time,

Joachim Zobel wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 27.02.2007, 19:17 +0100 schrieb bronto:
>> I have a module written by me, which (less or more) serves content. 
>> Everything went well until we ran some JMeter tests, which has 
>> discovered that keep-alive requests, to our module, are returning 
>> zero-sized OK pages (I mean code 200, with content-length:0). Ethereal 
>> discovered that it actually served the content, _but_ after that apache 
>> sends out another headers. Which is certainly ok, because it thinks that 
>> there was no content sent.
> You have probably just discovered chunked coding, which is a rather
> annoying discovery. My conjecture is, that either you send a content
> length header (this is wrong with chunked coding IIRC) or the authors of
> JMeter have yet to discover chunked encoding. The second would mean your
> module is behaving correctly.
>> What I need, is a way how can I tell apache, to stop processing the 
>> particular request.
>> But my guess is, that it actually sends headers right after it knows the 
>> length of content and stuff.
> Yes. That is more or less how chunked coding works. See
> Hth,
> Joachim

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