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From Ralf Mattes>
Subject Re: apache module or CGI
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:28:21 GMT
On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 10:14 -0600, Joe Lewis wrote:
> > Sam Carleton wrote:
> >   
> >> On 3/26/07, Issac Goldstand <> wrote:
> >>     
> >>> If the images are already on the server, and needed for the response
> >>> immediately, you'd need to do it inline, but you could still make life
> >>> easier on yourself (somewhat) by caching the reduced images to avoid
> >>> reprocessing.
> >>>
> >>> I could give more specific advice if you could share a bit more about
> >>> what you're trying to accomplish in general.
> Another alternative is to cause the image links to point to a directory, 
> and use
> ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/

No -- please don't do that. You are terribly abusing the protocol.
An "Error Document" is just this - an indication of what went wrong.
The client will still receive a 404 status, and, expecting an _image_,
just display the dreaded broken image icon ...

Iff you want to go this road you must redirect to a handler that can
modify the status.

BTW, with HTTP/1.1 and chunked encoding there shouldn't be any problem
generating the image on the fly and then storing it in the cache.
And there _are_ response status that indicate a lengthy content
generation ...

 HTH Ralf Mattes
> Which CGI generates the image and dumps it to the browser as well as 
> storing it.  Then, each subsequent image request comes from the static 
> file.  If you need them to be cleaned up once in a while and 
> regenerated, just create a cron job with "find" to locate the "old" 
> thumbnails and delete them, which causes the 404 and regenerates the images.
> Joe

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