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From Drew Bertola <>
Subject optimization time...
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 13:17:46 GMT
Hi everyone,

My output filter module is finished and seems to be running along nicely
in production.  I have a couple areas where I thought it could be
optimized, but I need some input from the list.

First, the module reads through the content looking for matches to a
configured string (literal, no regex).  It then inserts content
before|after or replaces the search string with content from a file, or
content given in the config.  It can be configured to do this on first
match, or globally.

Also, several rules can be configured.  e.g.

MyInsertRule after "<head>" file "conf/insert.html" once
MyInsertRule replace "<body>" string "<body id=\"foo\">" once
MyInsertRule before "bar" string "foo" globally

I loop through all buckets for each rule, so 3 rules would mean 3
passes.  In any case, my issue is the same with only 1 rule.

I have this algorithm that, as I'm going through the buckets, finds the
largest possible partial match at the end of a bucket, and snips it off
(saving it within ctx->tail_str incase we're at the end of a brigade).

At the top of my bucket loop, if I have a tail_str, I split off the
largest possible partial match from the next bucket and append it to the
tail_str, create a new bucket from it, insert it in the brigade, and
then read and operate on it.  (Things get a bit more complicated, but
that's the general idea.)

This works fine except that I end up with buckets containing short
fragments (which explains the complication mentioned above on multi-rule

I thought it would be better to test the length of the bucket I get at
the top of the loop and append it in whole.  The problem is that I'm not
sure what the maximum length is for bucket data.

I see in apr_buckets.h:

/** default bucket buffer size - 8KB minus room for memory allocator

    headers */

So, how do I calculate how much the bucket can hold?  What is the size
of the memory allocator headers?

Any other feedback is also appreciated.


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