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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: modules + callbacks = ap_get_module_config(r->per_dir_config,var)
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 17:05:25 GMT
Mike wrote:
>>>> cation in Apache 2.0 is actually very nicely engineered.  If you 
>>>> want to store the username and the password, you can.  However, you 
>>>> don't have to.
>>> Thanks for the reply.
>>> The problem is that I need access to this info in the callback 
>>> function, and the callback does not have access to the request_rec.
>>> For example..
>>> auth_basic_user(){
>>> do_some_stuff(); //Gets the user name and password(password as you 
>>> suggested) and stores them so that they can be used by later 
>>> callback. mm_login
>>> call_cclient_to_auth();
>>> return;
>>> }
>>> call_cclient_to_auth() takes no parms and eventually uses callback 
>>> functions to do things, one of these being to get the user/password 
>>> to auth with. This is by design of the c-client lib and not 
>>> something I can change.
>> PAM is very similar - it uses a callback.  However, it also uses a 
>> void pointer that gets passed in a setup function earlier.  Anything 
>> like that available?  (e.g. to call it with an r-> or a custom 
>> structure with the info?)
> Unfortunately not, that was what I had hoped to do originally.
> Mike.
Is there a thread-safe form of the library?  (that sort of thing will 
have functions that take parameters if it uses callbacks).  Another 
alternative is to set up another "daemon" process for the authentication 
mechanism - which may or may not cause the rest of the module to fail 
depending on what you do.

In other words, you just might have to use a global variable and set up 
mutex's to prevent multiple instances from calling during the 
authentication - or else expect the unexpected.


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