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From Mike <>
Subject Re: modules + callbacks = ap_get_module_config(r->per_dir_config,var)
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:55:33 GMT
>>> cation in Apache 2.0 is actually very nicely engineered.  If you 
>>> want to store the username and the password, you can.  However, you 
>>> don't have to.
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> The problem is that I need access to this info in the callback 
>> function, and the callback does not have access to the request_rec.
>> For example..
>> auth_basic_user(){
>> do_some_stuff(); //Gets the user name and password(password as you 
>> suggested) and stores them so that they can be used by later 
>> callback. mm_login
>> call_cclient_to_auth();
>> return;
>> }
>> call_cclient_to_auth() takes no parms and eventually uses callback 
>> functions to do things, one of these being to get the user/password 
>> to auth with. This is by design of the c-client lib and not something 
>> I can change.
> PAM is very similar - it uses a callback.  However, it also uses a 
> void pointer that gets passed in a setup function earlier.  Anything 
> like that available?  (e.g. to call it with an r-> or a custom 
> structure with the info?)

Unfortunately not, that was what I had hoped to do originally.


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