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From Drew Bertola <>
Subject ap_get_module_config() questions...
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 02:01:04 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have a couple quick questions regarding ap_get_module_config().

First, how do I return valuable information if there's a config error?  
For example, if my config has the directive "MyFile conf/foo.txt" and 
the file doesn't exist, how can I report this when I run httpd -t?

Second, the documentation (er, at least http_config.h) suggest using 
r->per_dir_config or s->module_config for the conf vector (first arg).  
I can only get things to work if I pass cmd->server->module_config.  Is 
this the same as s->module_config?  Is this a coding blunder?

Finally, I may need to access this < 20K file several times per 
invocation.  Is this a case where I'd want to mmap the file?  Anyone got 
a code snippet that demonstrates this?


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