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Subject Re: Other languages than C
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 21:58:10 GMT
On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 22:05 +0100, Joachim Zobel wrote:
> Hi.
> Are there any compiled (preferrably functional) languages that be used
> to write apache modules? Such a language should be sufficiently
> efficient and it should not require a mod_<language>.
> Any hints are appreciated.

What platform? 
You basically need something that can produce:

1) a dynamically shared object (i don't think you want to even think
   of statically linking ...)

2) supports C calling convention

3) can handle callbacks from the C world.

4) can generate the necessary module structure as part of 
   the exported interface.

Out of my head (read: without doing much research):

The only "free" (Common) Lisp that i think of that can create is ECL
(maybe GCL as well, but i doubt). Both LispWorks and Allegro should be 
able to create SO/ddls but i never tested that.


the OCaml _native_ compiler can't create shared objects/dlls (don't even
ask on the mailing list!). There's a module that deals with OCaml 
bytecode but you said you don't want extra modules ...  

No SO/dlls out of the box. There's some support for dll creation on MS
Windows, but who wants to run a production system on Windows? :-)
(look at the GHC-6 manpage, option '--mk-dll').

Bigloo _should_ be able to generate shared objects but you'd probably 
need to write quite some glue code (same is true for ECL as well).

 HTH Ralf Mattes


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