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From "Brian McQueen" <>
Subject Question about %b (response bytes)
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 22:54:20 GMT
I am not convinced that the value reported via %b is accurate.  I have
been doing some file downloads and then cancelling them from a Save
File As dialogue box, while counting the bytes that go through the
network interface.  I am seeing at most a small fraction of the
payload going through the interface, which is what I expect.  I expect
it to start transmitting the data and then it will fill up buffers in
the client, and so it would stop transmitting until actiion is taken
in the dialogue box.  However, once the download is cancelled, and the
dialogue box is dismissed, I see the HTTP status for the transactionis
is shown as 200, and %b is showing the entire length of the file as
the "size of the response".  The entire file was not sent though, so
the response was not the entire file length.  Does that sound right?

Ultimately I an trying to determine how many folks really downloaded
the whole thing, but counting bytes via the request_rec doesn't seem

Brian McQueen

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