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From "Brian McQueen" <>
Subject Who is Representing Apache?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:25:36 GMT
I was at a conference for startups last week, and it would have been
very useful to have someone there representing Apache.  It is going to
drop from the minds of its target audience if its utility is not made
obvious again and again, obvious and up-to-date.  There was a lot of
talk about open source projects and how to use open source code and
nobody but me mentioned Apache.  It should be the textbook example of
how to run a successful open source project, and it should be an
example of great engineering and there should be cases made for how
and why to use it, and the startups should hear about it.  It was a
missed opportunity.  I raised the question about how many folks depend
on it, and the room was full of hands, but NONE of them are developing
within it, none are involved with it.  Its just their web server.

This awesome Apache thing you guys created is beginning to slide into
obscurity, when its actually better now than ever and should be moving
more steadily into the forefront.  Its no mere web server!

So who is responsible for this type of activity?

Brian McQueen

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