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From "David Wortham" <>
Subject Re: Setting both Server and Directory Config Structs from the same config function
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 21:18:25 GMT
Nick (and other module developers),
    I am still struggling with some Seg Faults.
They no longer occur from directory/file/location contexts.
Now, I have determined that it only occurs on one specific directive-handler
and only if the value of the flag is "On" (not "Off") and called from a
server/vhost context.
Detecting the context (server or directory) of a directive-handler call
seemed to fix half (the directory-context calls) of the Seg Fault

Am I trying to write to a read-only struct?  The part that stumps me about
that is there is another int in the same struct that is taking
directive-value changes just fine.

I have also noticed what seems to me to be an anomaly in my code:
When I create the server structs, I set a particular flag (an integer
member) to be 0.  By the time the  directive-handling call is made, the
value is something I have not set it to (usually around 135,xxx,xxx).
This only seems to happen in my SERVER config struct and for only ONE of its
I have scoured my code for every possible place where I set this value and I
don't ever set it to be anything other than (0|1).  I never use it as a
string or a pointer (from what I can tell).
The other values in the server config struct are set correctly, and this
particular value is set by the end of the create_server_config struct.  I
know I am working with the correct server struct.

Any idea on what could be setting the server config struct variable?


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