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From "Sai Jai Ganesh Gurubaran" <>
Subject Huge memory consumption while storing the entire response
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 08:32:02 GMT
Hi All,
	We were developing a content manager module on Apache 2.0.
For this we have the module hooked to the out filter of Apache (and
there are no other filters).

The base code was taken from Apache 2.0 book (conversion of text to
upper case).

We notice that the memory consumption is very high per httpd and
eventually Apache has to be restarted within 25 mins.

On analysis, we find that the main problem is in the way we store the
complete response for further analysis.

Here is the main code that we use:


 *	Checks if the input bucket carries text/html chunks of
 *  For other than text/html chunks, this filter hands over the same
 *	to the next filter in chain.
 *	For text/html, this breaks the pipe line, accumulates the full
static apr_status_t testOutFilter_run(ap_filter_t *f,
					apr_bucket_brigade *pbbIn)
    request_rec* r = f->r;
    conn_rec* c = r->connection;
    apr_bucket* pbktIn;
    apr_bucket_brigade* pbbOut;
    int flag_EOS = FALSE;

    // To take into account all the MIME Types related to text
    if ( (r->content_type != NULL) &&
		 * For MIME types other than text type send bucket
brigade as received
		return ap_pass_brigade(f->next,pbbIn);
		if (f->ctx) 
			pbbOut = (apr_bucket_brigade *) f->ctx;
			f->ctx = pbbOut;
			ap_log_rerror(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_INFO, 0, r,
					"First BB of :%s",r->uri);

			apr_bucket *pbktOut;
				flag_EOS = TRUE;
			//Copy the in-buckets to the out-buckets

		/* To get the entire content to a pointer to char */
		if(flag_EOS == TRUE)
			// Custom Code goes here
			// ...........
			// ...........
			// ...........
			return ap_pass_brigade(f->next,pbbOut);
			return OK;

Here is some statistics we gathered:
1. Module with the custom code - Apache mem growth is rapid and 25 mins
we need to restart 
2. Module without the custom code - Apache mem growth is still rapid and
25-30 mins max before we restart
3. Apache without the response gathering part - stable for long hours
(per httpd mem consumption is 44 MB)

Can anyone tell us the best way to gather the entire response without
consuming all the memory?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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