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From Yann <>
Subject Strange priority problem mod_tsa, apache2 with https
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 14:40:27 GMT

Hi all,

I post here because i don't find a solution with mod_tsa team, and it's perhaps
a apache related problem.
I test mod_tsa ( ) with Apache2 (2.0 and 2.2), mod_tsa
work under http but i've a strange problem;
under https only, all my request are read by mod_tsa without any special tsa
directives !

Apache debug log:

[Tue Oct 31 16:01:28 2006] [debug] mod_tsa.c(989): [client]
tsa_handler: start, referer: https://blablbala...
[Tue Oct 31 16:01:28 2006] [debug] mod_tsa.c(1004): [client]
mod_tsa:request handler is called, referer: https://test.balablaa

So, when in my website a POST occur (in https only), mod_tsa take the hand and
Apache return a 404...

[Tue Oct 31 16:26:12 2006] [debug] mod_tsa.c(989): [client]
tsa_handler: start, referer: https://test.blabblabla
[Tue Oct 31 16:26:12 2006] [debug] mod_tsa.c(1004): [client]
mod_tsa:request handler is called, referer: https://test.blablablabl...
(BUT is not a TSA request just a POST !)
[Tue Oct 31 16:26:12 2006] [debug] mod_tsa.c(1023): [client]
mod_tsa:bad Content-Type in request, referer: https://test.blablabla...
(mod_tsa see it's a bad content-type)
[Tue Oct 31 16:26:12 2006] [debug] mod_tsa.c(1119): [client]
tsa_handler: end, referer: https://test.blabla..balablb

Don't have this problem in Apache 1.33...
If i remove mod_tsa, my conf work great, post and get are OK.
I don't find the way to force mod_tsa Apache2 handler... or something else...
or to stop mod_tsa to intercept all GET and POST in https.

It is possible to have a module loaded only for a Virtual Host ?
Or force Apache to discard mod_tsa handler in https mode only ?

Thank you.

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