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From "Brian McQueen" <>
Subject Re: dropping a connection abruptly
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 03:53:37 GMT
Thanks for the reply.  Here is my conclusion:  I have found that the
only client that can handle this kind of interruption is the command
line tool curl.  Even ajax requests are unable to extract the reply.
I have verified with packet sniffing that the server's reply always
gets to the client, but unless the client successfully delivers its
entire payload, the reply is useless or inaccessible.  Sometimes it
appears that the client successfully receives the reply and the
connection is closed down, but a closer investigation shows that in
those cases, the client DID successfully deliver it entire payload to
the server - the bytes were received at the NIC on the server, the
bandwidth was consumed.  The entire point of the effort is to prevent
the delivery of the uploaded data.  In every case where the socket was
truly closed early, and the payload was not transmitted, then the
server's reply was not usable by the client - not via ajax, nor by the
browser itself as a simple page.  In fact early closing of the socket
caused one of the clients to react as though it were receiving a

On 10/25/06, D Ljoyaa <> wrote:
> Here is how I do in apache 1.3.x:
> int CutConn(conn_rec *connection)
> {
>         ap_bsetflag(connection->client, B_EOUT, 1);
>         ap_bclose(connection->client);
>         connection->aborted = 1;
>         return HTTP_NOT_FOUND; // of course, the client can never receive this code....
> }
> This works perfectly.
> But this is for 1.3  :-(

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