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From Mark Constable <>
Subject Re: Add a [modules-dev] subject prefix?
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 09:54:08 GMT

On Wednesday 27 September 2006 04:07, Chris Kukuchka wrote:
> ...
> P.S.  If the changing of the subject headers goes through, I would 
> imagine we would then need a discussion on what it should be.  I would 
> go with the shorter the better school of thought with [hmd] as an example.

I agree. The main objection seems to be lack of Subject line
space and the need for the first 20 or so chars to be meaningful.

[hmd] prepended to the subject line would most likely be a good
compromise for both camps, those who want something to define
which, out of possibly many mailing-lists, this message belows
to but only adds 6 chars for those who need to view as much of
the subject line as they can.

[hmd] +2

For those against a prepended subject signature, please consider
that some of us are on many mailing-lists and which lists often
change (in my case, about a dozen at any one time) so setting up
filters is not all that reasonable for short term list involvement.
It's something that definitely helps newcomers know which incoming
emails belong to which list before they become familiar with clues
from thread subjects or list members.


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