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From "Joost" <>
Subject Deny connection based on size of response
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 20:41:41 GMT

I'm trying to deny or accept an incoming http request by looking at the size of
the response (Apache 2.0). Under certain circumstances I want to deny a request
if the size of the to-be-sent content exceeds a certain value. So the value I'm
interested in is "bytes_sent" in the "request_rec" struct. But this value only
seems to be set when the connection already has been accepted; it is always zero
if I look at it using "ap_hook_handler". I am able to inspect the "size"
attribute of "finfo", but that isn't correct, a tiny php script can generate
lots of content. I'm new at writing Apache 2.0 modules and due to the lack of
documentation I could need some hints.


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