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From Paul Querna <>
Subject TODO for mod_mbox
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 18:35:09 GMT
Shorter Term List:
* Remove automake dependency (pure
* Rename mod-mbox-util. (mboxutil? something else?  All I know is that
the current name will change)
* Update trunk/scripts to use mod-mbox-util
* Add some *basic* documentation on configuration

Longer Term Things:

* Interface.  This is a SoC project.  We need some thoughts on if we
want to use some kind of Theme system (eg, ClearSilver or XSLT) or stick
with hard coded HTML.  I think a massive addition of CSS is a given, but
the details are still up in the air.

* Searching.  This is a SoC project.  I do have some of the low level
indexing bits done for Lucene4c in trunk.  We need further discussion if
we want to even use Lucene4c.  Some have suggested using Postgres or
MySQL with their full text indexing tools.  Personally, I like using
Lucene4c since it runs right off the file system, and is a
eat-your-own-dog-food type thing.

* General Design.  Currently, mod_mbox is tied to a single .mbox file,
or optionally, a directory of .mbox files.  As we add searching and
improve the interface, we will want the ability to search all mailing
lists, a single list, or maybe all lists under a domain.  This means
mod_mbox needs a knowledge of what other lists exist.  This is really
about turning mod_mbox into a 'Mail Archive Application' vs just
something that runs off of mbox files.  There are advantages and
disadvantages to both directions.  For the ASF's use cases, I believe
making it more of a unified application is good.

Other ideas?


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