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From Maxime Petazzoni <>
Subject About mod_mbox future improvements
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:57:16 GMT
Hi list !

A few weeks ago, I showed interest in participating to mod_mbox
development. As a proof of my will to become part of "the team", I've
already made two interesting improvements to actual module code :

- Email obfuscation (patch submitted last week to this list)
- A brand new XML+XSLT based interface, currently using client side
  XSLT processing.

Both of them are in action on my local mod_mbox setup :

But for now, I'd like to speak and start to discuss about mod_mbox
future, and -to be a bit more accurate- to what I might do as my SoC
summer project.

Please note that whether or not I'm accepted into this program, I'm
willing to work on mod_mbox for the same reasons I claimed at the
beginning of my SoC application (available at

There are two main points that currently come to me that need to be
discussed since it involves mod_mbox basis design.

* XSLT processing

As far as I remember, the choice of outputting XML satisfies
everybody. The problem relates to where we'll do the XSLT
processing. There are two main solutions :

- client-side processing, as by now. The user requires a capable
  browser such as Gecko-based browsers.

- server-side processing, using mod_transform (or something else,
  ideas ? I don't know much about server-side output filters)

Client-side processing's advantage is to fasten global response time
since the server have less work to do. Main drawback is the lack of
XSLT-capable browser (even KHTML doesn't seem to do it).

Server-side processing corrects this problem, but may slow down the
response (isn't mod_mbox designed to be as quick as possible ?).

* A mailing-list management application ?

It has been said recently on this list that you (as in developers
involved in mod_mbox development) wish to make mod_mbox become a
full-featured mailing-list management complete application, that can
handle multiple mailing lists, and especially from a row rsync

I completely agree with this last point (rsync), but I must say that I
have some doubts about the first one (making mod_mbox a complete
management application).

Indeed, making mod_mbox a application that can manage multiple lists
correctly (e.g. with additional list information better than
auto-generated subscribe/unsubscribe email addresses) will require
some sort of database, which is exactly what the first point wants to
avoid !

That's why I believe this should be the job of third party software
that will just pass the job to mod_mbox when it comes to serve a
specific mailing-list archive.

Well, that's all for tonight folks !

Good evening/morning/afternoon,

- Sam

Maxime Petazzoni (
 -- gone crazy, back soon. leave message.

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