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From Paul Querna <>
Subject [PATCH] MIME Support & More
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 08:26:56 GMT
This is mostly a work in progress. I know there are several very very 
bad parts in the patch, and I hope to smooth it over this weekend. 
After saying that, I would love some feedback.

- Default DB type is now Berkeley DB.
- Only one DBM is created per .mbox file.
- struct with multiple values is serialized into a single DBM Entry
- Directory Index Page. (Set 'MBoxIndex On' for a directory full of 
.mbox files)
- Show each month's Message count on index page.
- MIME Parsing:
   - Multipart Messages display text/plain and text/x-patch inline.
   - Decode Quoted Printable and Base64
   - List Attachments
   - Download Attachments (need a little more work for filenames)

Things to do:
- Determine List information based on the List-id header. (How to 
signup, etc)
- Display filenames for MIME attachments
- Ability to download a single message RAW (see all of the headers)
- I think there is a bug in at least one place with how buckets are 
swapped around.
- Try to do streamy HTML Escaping. (Currently does it by flattening the 
- Support CSS/XHTML or re-code it for XSLT.




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