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From Christophe JAILLET <>
Subject Re: HTML entities
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2018 20:04:06 GMT
Le 25/09/2018 à 10:10, Joe Orton a écrit :
> On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 08:45:02PM +0200, Christophe JAILLET wrote:
>> If java 9+, then have a look at
>> The issue with man pages is reported (with a possible work-around at the
>> end), as well as the output of entities in the generated files.
> I have Java 8 only (OpenJDK 1.8.0_181-b15).  Yes, the man pages are
> definitely unusable when composed entirely of HTML entities ;)
> What is expected in the manual/*.html.XX files, entities or ISO-8859-1
> characters?  AFAICT either should be fine, the ISO-8859-1 characters
> look correct to me everywhere I checked, and the HTML files have
Agreed, any is good to me as far as it is compliant with standards.
> <meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="Content-Type"
> />
> so I don't see why we can't use ISO-8859-1 characters there?

> Can we fudge to fail with Java 9 if that is what is breaking
> everything at the moment, and rely on people with Java 8 to regenerate
> the docs?
Un-modified should break with java 9+; because of the 
Xbootclasspath option that has been removed.
This should be good enough (IMHO) to avoid incorrect file generation.
This prevents to build the doc, but at least it prevent from building it 
wrong. :)

What I don't understand (and would like to), is why the behavior has 
changed between java 8 and 9.

> Regards, Joe

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