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From CodeingBoy <>
Subject Re: Attempting translating Chinese documentation
Date Thu, 10 May 2018 09:04:39 GMT
I also wondering about the "80 character" limitation. To obey this
limitation, I have to break a sentence to multiple lines, which will
introduce several spaces in a whole sentence.
For example:

Apache HTTP Server is configured by placing <a
href="mod/directives.html">directives</a> in plain text
configuration files.

It will look like this in HTML version:
Apache HTTP Server is configured by placing directives in plain text
configuration files.

For english, it is great. But for Chinese and Japanese, it is not so well:

Apache は <a href="mod/directives.html"
>ディレクティブ</a> を設定ファイルに平文で書くことにより設定します。
メインの設定ファイルは普通は <code>httpd.conf</code> という名前です。
Apache は ディレクティブ を設定ファイルに平文で書くことにより設定します。
メインの設定ファイルは普通は httpd.conf

指令的参数通过空白符分隔, 如果某一个参数包含空格,你必须使用双引号将该参数包裹起来。
Notice the unnecessary spaces indicating by ^.

Mostly I could make use of xml tags to avoid those space, or hide them by
separating each sentence, so that spaces will be placed after the
period(which will not damaging reading experience much). But if there's a
long sentence without spaces, can I write the whole sentence in a
line(which means breaking the limitation)?

And, please fix the typo in "Make sure all your lines in the xml file dont
exceed the 80 character lenght, so it is easy to read the file."


On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 4:40 PM CodeingBoy <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm CodeingBoy, a student who live in China. Recently I got interested in
> Apache httpd. Since there's no Chinese documentation for startup, I want to
> try translating Chinese documentations.
> I'm planning translating "User's guide" section for 2.5(trunk). Since I
> don't have much spare time, I would like to break things small -- translate
> one or two docs, review, and submit patches.
> I also opened a Github repo for this:
> . If I fail doing
> this, anyone who wants to continue can reuse these finished working effort.
> Any suggestions are welcomed. :)
> CodeingBoy
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