Committed in r1808203 for trunk, it seems working fine. I'll do the same for 2.4.x if nothing weird will be reported :)



2017-09-12 21:17 GMT+02:00 Rich Bowen <>:
Yes, I believe that's correct. Also, try it and see. :-)

But, yeah, every time there's a new module/directive/thingy we need to
update that and regenerate.

On 09/10/2017 03:37 AM, Luca Toscano wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I noticed that some directives like the mod_md ones are not highlighted
> in the example blocks. For example, the summary
> of correctly renders
> DocumentRoot, ServerName and SSLEngine but not ManagedDomain (at least
> on my browser).
> The only possible explanation that I found is in prettify.js (and
> prettify.min.js): the CONFIG_KEYWORDS list is not updated. So what I'd
> do is to pick all the Directives
> in and then put
> all of them in prettify.js's CONFIG_KEYWORDS. Then the last step would
> be to re-generate prettify.min.js and commit everything.
> Am I vaguely right or completely off track?
> Thanks!
> Luca

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