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Subject [Bug 61512] Missing directives from mod/mod_md.html
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2017 17:30:19 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Bernard Spil <> ---
Thanks Luca!

Compared it with the info I retrieved from source and it seems that all
directives were added. All directives have Descriptions as well.

Stefan keeps on adding new directives though... Latest is
> MDRequireHttps
in 0.9.4.

> New directive 'MDRequireHttps' for redirecting http: traffic to a Managed ??
> Domain, permanently
> or temporarily.

Description: Redirect traffic to a Managed Domain
Syntax: MDRequireHTTPS temporary | permanent
Context: server config, ManagedDomain
Status: Extension
Module: mod_md

Force connections to the Managed Domain to be redirected to https. The redirect
will be either permanent (301) or temporary (302).

I suspect that other mod_md directives are also ManagedDomain context.

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