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From "Houser, Rick" <>
Subject RE: small patch for httpd-trunk/docs/manual/howto/http2.xml
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2016 22:05:11 GMT
Native Mid-West U.S. Speaker here…

Your change is a significant improvement, but the language still seems a bit off.  Specifically,
“and all those” and “and all that” stand out.  Try one of these, but note that I did
not have full context of the sentence:

"There are still requests, responses, headers, and other typical elements from HTTP."
"Requests, responses, headers, and other typical elements still exist from the HTTP specification."
"Requests, responses, headers, and other typical elements remain from HTTP."

Should it also reference HTTP/1.x directly rather than just the generic HTTP?

Is “typical” actually important?  In my examples above, that word can probably be removed
for the better.

Also the plurality of the sentence should match; note how I changed request to requests above.

With lists, the comma placement after the and seems to vary significantly with region.  Here,
we typically terminate the term immediately before “and” with a comma, but not all areas
do so.  Either is correct, as long as it’s consistent.

Rick Houser
Web Administration

From: Luis Gil de Bernabé []
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 16:11
Subject: Re: small patch for httpd-trunk/docs/manual/howto/http2.xml

sounds better, but here an English spoken commiter might better check this out :)

Twitter :

On 29 November 2016 at 17:37, Daniel <<>>

I'd like to submit a little patch for a sentence in:

The original sentence I'm changing is:
"There are still request and responses and headers and all that"

and the proposed change is:
"There are still request,responses, headers and all those typical elements from HTTP"

The reasoning behind this starts while trying to translate the sentence to Spanish, where
it becomes too aparent as chatty, or tasteless, and from my standpoint it may also sound too
coloquial in english too (although I'm no native speaker so that's up to you guys to judge).

I'm attaching the diff file which includes the whole paragrah because it has also been adapted
for word wrapping.

If I'm being too picky or proposing this incorrectly, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Daniel Ferradal
IT Specialist

email         daniel at<>

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