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From Luis Gil de Bernabé <>
Subject Re: Translations (IRC conversation)
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 07:49:02 GMT
Hello Rich,
According to the first point could be may fault? im not sure, because i
have been working on the trunk since early beginning, and i migrate some
files to the 2.4 and older doc versions when i don´t forget of course haha.

Old stuff point, in my opinion it depends on how old this is, if its more
than 1 year maybe its too old? we have to set a "pass time" maybe.

The point you make suggesting to start on the How to and G.S guides, you
actually read my mind, (i´m actually doing so) but of course i did´t
started whit the files that were already outdated ;). for the new people
that join the community we should added to our starting guide of the doc
project, right?
hope to write more.
Have a nice day fellows

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On 19 October 2016 at 15:24, Rich Bowen <> wrote:

> (Summarizing a conversation from IRC)
> ezra-s (Daniel Ferradal) is beginning to work on our Spanish docs
> translation. This led to discussion of a number of points surrounding
> translations:
> * There are some (numerous?) .es files in 2.4 that are not in trunk.
> These need to be identified, and where appropriate, copied/moved into
> trunk, so that they are not lost in the future. Translation work should
> (usually) happen in trunk first, and then be (intelligently - of course
> some stuff is trunk-only) copied to 2.4 and possibly (?) 2.2. We have
> apparently done a poor job of communicating and policing this, and need
> to update our translation docs accordingly. The usual catchphrase is,
> Upstream First.
> * We have translations that are grossly out of date. We should drop
> them. It remains only to define what "tool old" means? If a translation
> hasn't been touched since 2.4.0, I would recommend dropping it. Discussion?
> * It also occurs to me that we should make specific recommendations of
> which docs should be translated first. For example, I think that the
> "Getting Started" doc, and the "HowTo" docs, would be good places to
> start, while the module docs, being more about technical detail and
> having a less conversational style, would come later.
> * All of this hinges on actually getting translators. It *seems* that
> this used to be easier, but lately we have really stunk at attracting
> new translators. I think that this might be because our review process
> is so rigorous, and it's hard to find reviewers. But for certain
> languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian) it would seem
> that we have an enormous pool of users to draw from. Perhaps time to do
> some recruiting on users@? I believe we should first address the above
> items, though, so that they're coming into a well-documented encouraging
> environment, rather than picking up a lot of abandoned partially
> translated things. Indeed, it might be good to go ahead and drop entire
> languages from trunk, so that a new translator has a clean slate to work
> with. I know I find that less frustrating, myself.
> Please discuss, so I'm not just talking to myself. :-)
> --
> Rich Bowen - - @rbowen
> - @apachecon

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