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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Translations (IRC conversation)
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2016 13:24:25 GMT
(Summarizing a conversation from IRC)

ezra-s (Daniel Ferradal) is beginning to work on our Spanish docs
translation. This led to discussion of a number of points surrounding

* There are some (numerous?) .es files in 2.4 that are not in trunk.
These need to be identified, and where appropriate, copied/moved into
trunk, so that they are not lost in the future. Translation work should
(usually) happen in trunk first, and then be (intelligently - of course
some stuff is trunk-only) copied to 2.4 and possibly (?) 2.2. We have
apparently done a poor job of communicating and policing this, and need
to update our translation docs accordingly. The usual catchphrase is,
Upstream First.

* We have translations that are grossly out of date. We should drop
them. It remains only to define what "tool old" means? If a translation
hasn't been touched since 2.4.0, I would recommend dropping it. Discussion?

* It also occurs to me that we should make specific recommendations of
which docs should be translated first. For example, I think that the
"Getting Started" doc, and the "HowTo" docs, would be good places to
start, while the module docs, being more about technical detail and
having a less conversational style, would come later.

* All of this hinges on actually getting translators. It *seems* that
this used to be easier, but lately we have really stunk at attracting
new translators. I think that this might be because our review process
is so rigorous, and it's hard to find reviewers. But for certain
languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian) it would seem
that we have an enormous pool of users to draw from. Perhaps time to do
some recruiting on users@? I believe we should first address the above
items, though, so that they're coming into a well-documented encouraging
environment, rather than picking up a lot of abandoned partially
translated things. Indeed, it might be good to go ahead and drop entire
languages from trunk, so that a new translator has a clean slate to work
with. I know I find that less frustrating, myself.

Please discuss, so I'm not just talking to myself. :-)

Rich Bowen - - @rbowen - @apachecon

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