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Subject [Bug 60024] RewriteRule documentation: misleading sentence about "per-directory prefix"
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2016 13:00:25 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Eric Covener <> ---
> Note that "per-directory prefix" is apparently not a term defined anywhere.
> If this has no specific meaning, in my opinion it would be clearer to simply
> call this a "directory path". A URI path comprises both a "directory path"
> and a filename. I do not see how this "per-directory prefix" is more a
> prefix than the filename is a suffix. A URI path without that "prefix" is
> not a URI path.

It has a specific meaning and it's already described in the section you quoted.
 Perhaps a new paragraph that expands on the paranthetical, copied to the
glossary would help.

I don't think there's an implication that only 1 URL leads to the directory,
it's implicitly in the context of the request being processed.  Prefix here
refers to the splitting of the URL by mod_rewrite prior to the evaluation of
rules that will match against the part of the URL not already "consumed" by
leading to the htaccess file.

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