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Subject [Bug 60024] RewriteRule documentation: misleading sentence about "per-directory prefix"
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2016 16:14:52 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Filipus Klutiero <> ---
(In reply to Eric Covener from comment #3)
> > I understand, but I think this could simply be called a directory path,
> > unless there is a better term. I do not think of that as a prefix. In fact,
> > I can go to the URL "". Suppose
> > there is a .htaccess in that directory, that would mean
> > "" would be the "prefix" of the
> > URI "",
> Sorry, but that example doesn't match the basic behavior and the string
> removed isn't a directory path, it's a part of the path component of the
> URL. A leading path. In other words, a prefix.  

Apologies and thanks. In fact:
In Directory and htaccess context, the Pattern will initially be matched
against the filesystem path, after removing the prefix that led the server to
the current RewriteRule (e.g. "app1/index.html" or "index.html" depending on
where the directives are defined).

Which means the string removed is in fact a directory-path, and the parenthesis
is not just misleading but wrong. I apologize, since this is the result of
ticket #53152.

It remains that most people will not consider
"/usr/local/apache/htdocs/path/to/" as a prefix in

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