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From 김해성 <>
Subject Re: [Httpd Wiki] Update of "PHP-FPM" by RichBowen
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2016 01:24:27 GMT

Windows 메일에서 보냄

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보낸 날짜: ‎2016‎년 ‎7‎월 ‎26‎일 ‎화요일 ‎오전‎ ‎6‎:‎15
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Dear Wiki user,

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The "PHP-FPM" page has been changed by RichBowen:

  If apache and php-fpm run as the same user (not necessary or recommended) and nproc is too
small, apache will not startup with the following message `(11)Resource temporarily unavailable:
AH02162: setuid: unable to change to uid: 600`
+ Warning: when you ProxyPass a request to another server (in this case, the php-fpm daemon),
authentication restrictions, and other configurations placed in a Directory block or .htaccess
file, may be bypassed.
  === Caveats ===
  One might be tempted to point out that a greedy '''[[|ProxyPassMatch]]'''
directive might allow some malicious content uploaded by a HTTP client to be served.

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