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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Re: translating English to Japanese
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2016 04:09:10 GMT
On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 2:08 AM, Kazuki Aranami <>

> Hi
> My name is "Kazuki Aranami". Nickname is "kimtea".
> This time, the English document of the Apache HTTP Server,
> we want to translate into Japanese.
> I, you have experience with translating English to Japanese.
> Environment is Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 14279
>  (64-bit).
> Stable environment of Windows 10 is currently in preparation.
> I am planning to use the Transifex (
> If the OSS, Can you provide the service for free.
> I, on the use of this site, please tell me if you have any problems.
> In addition, we are looking for people that will cooperate with
> Japanese localization. Document to perform the translation is
> the Apache HTTP server version 2.4 and the Apache HTTP
> Server vulnerabilities 2.4.
> Detailed technical documents will also continue to translation.
> Thank you.

Welcome and TIA (thanks, in advance).

It should not matter your development environment, you can get
most components of Apache HTTP Server running under most of
the modern platforms.  The document build schema is a generic
java environment.  You should have few issues.

You will want to check out the build environment underneath your
docs checkout.  E.g.

cd c:\parentdirectory

svn co
cd docs/manual
svn co build

Now you can cd into 2.4.x\docs\manual\build and regenerate all
of the source .xml content, and review the generated .html files.
Enabling the manual / multi-language extra configuration will let
you use your local httpd installation to see the manual in any
selected language/locale.

The documents that need to be translated are the .xml sources.
All of the .html content is generated from these .xml files.  If
you would be so kind and translate the "development" version
of these docs, e.g.
svn co
then we can 'back-port' the changes into the 2.4 branch that
we currently distribute.  Nobody wants to discover that the
"next release" has no translation.

We will not accept verbatim transliterated documents.  You may
use automated tools as a starting point, if the licensing of the
automatically generated work is acceptable.  Please share the
license terms and conditions granted by for
OSS, so we may evalute this?

However the contributors/translators must personally review
all of the text, and turn the automated translation into "human
readable" text, accurately.


I share this to point out how poor automated translation is, but
that it can serve as a good "jump start".  Please do not post
patches which are purely automatic translations and have not
been reviewed by a competent reader.  Perhaps others are
also interested in reviewing and providing feedback for these

Again, thank you for your interest.



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