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Subject [Bug 58789] header set multiple htaccess
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2016 08:04:16 GMT

--- Comment #39 from Luca Toscano <> ---
Hi gilperon@!

After a chat with Eric I re-wrote the page adding a dedicated section to it:

Still under review so it might change a bit, please be patient I am learning
with you  :)

The main gotcha is that configuration directives belonging to httpd's core
(from Directory to If) work to create configurations for modules, that in turn
use the information to do their work. 

So mod_rewrite's directives are not "evaluated" afterwards, but simply
mod_rewrite leverages the configuration returned to it by the httpd core for a
certain request. In the case that we were discussing, setting Header to the
value of the filesmatch block (due to its importance in the merging order).

To be precise: 
1) each module decides what to do when a configuration merge is requested
(directory->filesmatch etc..), the default is to override.
2) each module decides what to do with the configuration returned by httpd
core. The configuration to set the Header AAA to ZZZ is available to
mod_headers when it is invoked in the HTTP request processing workflow (like
/aaa/bbb/ccc/index.php) and the module can do whatever it want with it. For
example, it can discard the directive because deprecated! Usually of course the
module does something meaningful with it, it was just to give you the idea :)

This is my understanding of the powerful configuration/running system of httpd!
Let me know if it makes sense!


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